Welcome to my website, my name is Debbie & I live with my husband in Didcot. I carry out various therapies mainly at my home where I have a purpose built quiet, soothing & well ventilated room. (If your preference is for a home visit please contact me & we'll see whether that is feasible.)

I am qualified in Reiki to Master Level, Universal Soul Healing & Tarot Therapy.
As well as hands on therapy I am qualified in sending distant healing for situations where physical contact isn't possible. 


I am also trained to work with crystals, clairvoyance, colour, chakra balancing & auric widening.

I studied Reiki to Master level and qualified as a Tarot Therapist with Steve & Amy Hounsome

In addition to having my own healing business I am also an Artist.

I am studying Runes with John Odinsson Dyke.

I am working on inner transformation with therapist & healer Gulara Vincent

I am studying the Ogham Celtic Tree Oracle with Yuri Leitch

I am exploring magical training, personal & psychic development via a correspondence course with the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids

I am studying aspects of Herbal Medicine via workshops with Rasheeqa Ahmad 

I help to look after the land, trees & wildlife locally by volunteering at The Earth Trust, Little Wittenham