I specialise in Reiki & Universal Soul Healing. These are gentle non-intrusive therapies that use lifes vital force, energy. Energy flows through my hands & into the body.


For hands on healing the person is fully clothed & lays on a massage table though these therapies may also be carried out whilst seated or standing.   


Tarot Therapy has the ability to reflect the energetic state of being of the person to include mind, body & spirit. 

A person may be viewed as comprising four elements: Earth (body), Water (emotion), Air (thought) & Fire (passion or purpose).


Tarot can help in assessing where there may be issues which are stopping a person from being fulfilled or content.  


Exploring these in a safe, relaxed, conversational environment can aid the person in finding their own wisdom & path towards fulfillment.

Please read my Testimonials page for examples of the benefits of Reiki & Tarot.


Please note that Tarot consultations are to be regarded as entertainment only.