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Are you carrying tension in your body, heart or mind? Is something out of harmony but you don't know why?

Reiki & Universal Soul Healing are gentle therapies that use lifes vital force, energy. Energy flows into the body allowing feelings of ease & relaxation to emerge.
For hands on healing you are fully clothed & lay on a massage table though these therapies may also be carried out whilst seated or standing.   


Are you feeling fulfilled in all areas of your life?Where are you feeling stuck or insecure?

Tarot Therapy has the ability to reflect your energetic state of being at any given time.  A consultation can help in revealing where you are now & provides guidance on how to get to where you would like to be next.  


Exploring Tarot in a safe, relaxed environment can help you in finding your own wisdom & path towards fulfillment.

Please read my Testimonials page for examples of the benefits of Reiki & Tarot.
Please note that Tarot consultations are to be regarded as entertainment only.  

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