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A range of personal experiences showing some of the benefits that Reiki & Tarot can bring: 

"Thank you for sharing your healing vibration with us. I felt instantly a sort of order emerging inside while my mind was busy. My hands warmed to a tingle then a deep calm spread within. The beauty of sparkly starry light pulsed through me."

"We had an amazing Reiki experience. My partner felt warmth (like something really warm & loving that wants to heal him) moving all up his body from his feet to his head. I had a very powerful feeling deep in my chakras especially the sacral & third eye and also moving up my body in waves."

"I didn't know what to expect with Tarot. I was very surprised at the accuracy of aspects that the reading revealed. It has given me much more to think about."   

"I started seeing bright light that was so bright I had to open my eyes to see if the sun was coming through the curtains, it wasn't. This light then went blues, turquoises & greens."

"Something shifted, I became quite emotional after the session. I'm still making sense of it."
"Became lightheaded during the healing session and it persisted through the afternoon. Felt dehydrated, drank like a fish all day. Better after dinner. For several days I had more energy & motivation and started a running program. I'm 65 & haven't run since college so I think it is significant. Thank you so much."

"I was listening to some meditative music & felt a warmth wash over me."


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